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TEXROPE® - the specialist in power transmission
All TEXROPE® customers can benefit from our technical and commercial staff\\\'s know-how and support and that of our Partners/Distributors.
High Product availability:
Typical of the TEXROPE service is the high product availability: 80% of all TEXROPE products are in stock and immediately available to the customers.
Tollok - Unidades cónicas de fijación.
Desde hace más de 20 años TOLLOK proyecta, produce y distribuye tanto en Italia como en el resto del mundo unidades de fijación a expansión y a contracción. La gama comprende numerosos tipos standard para diámetros que van desde los 6 hasta los 800 mm., que admiten aplicaciones eje/moyú sin chaveta para pares de transmisión de hasta 1.500.000 Nm. Gracias a su conocimiento, TOLLOK es capaz de proporcionar soluciones personalizadas, de acuerdo a lo que el cliente solicite.
TOLLOK proyecta sus propios productos utilizando un sistema de cálculo basado en elementos finitos. De este modo se garantiza un resultado seguro incluso en las aplicaciones más complejas. El diseño de cada uno de los componentes es transmitido a las unidades de producción a través de un sistema CAD-CAM. TOLLOK dispone de un parque de maquinaria completa y de última generación, gracias a la cual se realizan tanto los productos standard como los modelos especiales. El ciclo productivo concluye con un sistema de control que garantiza la alta calidad del producto terminado ....
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Rexnord represents the most comprehensive portfolio of power transmission and conveying components in the world with the Rexnord® , Falk™ and Link-Belt® brands.
Rexnord is a trusted name when it comes to providing skillfully engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations in every area of our business.
Take a closer look at what separates Rexnord from the rest.
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Hansen Transmissions
Hansen Transmissions International NV is an established global wind turbine gearbox and industrial gearbox designer, manufacturer and supplier, with a leading position (by MW supplied) in the wind turbine gearbox market.
The company supplies gearboxes to four of the five largest manufacturers of gear-driven wind turbines globally and provides durable gear drives for a wide range of industrial applications throughout the world. Hansen plans ....
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Matrix International - Quality is our watchword – quality of design, manufacture, customer care and service.
Matrix International, based in Brechin, Scotland, has over 65 years of experience in delivering high technology and cost effective engineered solutions. Matrix International is a leading designer and provider of electromagnetic clutches and brakes used in forklift trucks and servo motor brakes. Matrix International also offers world class custom design engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic clutches and brakes used in off highway and printing applications.
Each Matrix product, should customers require, can be supplied with performance certification either on a batch or individual basis because each is tested during the assembly process. This gives added confidence for supply chain management in customers’ manufacturing operations.
It is this flexibility and adaptability, coupled with our ethos of engineering and manufacturing excellence and quality concern, which has placed Matrix at the forefront of the international field of motion control component suppliers.
Matrix International is a 'can do' organization – no challenge is insurmountable in our quest to find the optimum successful solution for our customers.
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Bibby Transmissions Group
The Bibby Transmissions Group has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of couplings for use in industrial markets for many years.
Dr James Bibby invented the Resilient Grid Coupling in 1917 and this has been emulated by many companies around the world and to this day it still enjoys a strong position in the market for high start up torque applications.
As part of the Wellman Engineering Group from its early days, Bibby Couplings were used in all major projects around the world in the steel mills, mining, power stations and chemical processing plants as well as water treatment. These industries have become synonymous with the Bibby name for performance and reliability
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Nexen Group™ is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices, and control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, material handling, automotive, and textile industries. The Air Champ® line of clutches and brakes is the industry standard for rotary motion control and power transmission. The company's extensive distribution network serves markets throughout the world with a product line of more than 2,500 components and systems for stop-start, disconnect, and overload protection.
Nexen™ also offers systems for guiding and tension control of roll material moving through a web production machine. Nexen web control systems ensure proper web tension for maximum thoughput on machinery processing a web. Applications range from printing of paper and cardboard for food and other packaging to slitting and sheeting operations found in many converting applications.
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Interroll - We make the world move
Products developed by Interroll are deployed on a global scale - wherever goods have to be conveyed, stored or distributed. Committed to excellence, Interroll offers cuttingedge solutions spanning the entire value chain, for a diverse range of industries.
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